Terms of Ticket Transfer to 2022

Terms of Ticket Transfer to 2022

Our international ticket transfer period (to validate unused 2021 tickets for 2022) ended on 31 October 2021.

If you couldn’t take part in EXIT Festival 2021 due to epidemical reasons (see exact definition below), you have the possibility to request prolonging your ticket(s) to 2022. This includes all tickets, (entry, camping, lockers). Please note the deadline of ticket transfers can vary retailer by retailer, so please consult with the one you bought your ticket from, as soon as possible (and definitely no later than 31 October, which is our final deadline centrally, for all retailers).

The request of the ticket transfer must be sent directly to your ticket retailer, including clear reasoning. The retailer will inform you about our decision generally within 1 week after receiving your request.

Definition of ‘epidemical reasons’:
• border between your country and Serbia was closed during the time of the event
• travelling to Serbia would have resulted in quarantine after returning home (even if you took the PCR test)
• travelling to Serbia for touristic reasons would have resulted in a financial penalty after returning home (even if taking the PCR test)
• you were tested positive before entering Serbia and couldn’t enter the country

PLEASE NOTE: having to take a Covid test to enter Serbia (or returning to the country of origin) in itself DOES NOT qualify as an ‘epidemical reason’.

If you had any OTHER REASONS, not listed above, that you feel should qualify as an ‘epidemical reason’, please share it with your retailer, as we will take decisions case by case.

For more information feel free to contact our helpdesk at [email protected]