Closer to the starry sky: [email protected] Planetarium

28. June 2017. — Author: EXIT

Apart from the greatest musical stars of today and performers from all around the world who are coming to conquer the Petrovaradin Fortress from July 5 to 9, EXIT Festival audiences will have the opportunity to hang out with some actual stars and do some other fun stuff at the [email protected] Planetarium Zone.

Petrovaradin Fortress Planetarium is a place where lovers of astronomy gather, and at this year’s Exit, apart from travelling to space and finding out its secrets, the program will include lectures and presentations by astrophysicists from the Faculty of Sciences in Novi Sad and guests from Australia. [email protected] Planetarium will open its door to visitors from all around the world, on each festival night from July 6 to 9, with the start at 20h, when the lectures will be presented by the members of Novi Sad Astronomical Society, who aim to introduce the beauty of space to us all.

On the first night this honor will belong to Tijana Prodanović from Novi Sad University, with the lecture called Little Green Men: Science and Fiction. On Friday, July 7, her colleague Jovana Petrović is joining us with a Star Wars-flavored topic: Dark Side of the Universe. On the third festival day David Knežević will talk on a topic called Terraforming Mars, i.e. the process that a planet has to go through in order to fulfill conditions for sustaining human life. Finally, Uroš Meštrić from the Australian University of Technology in Swiburn will close the festival with a lecture dubbed Postcards from the Universe.

Each festival day will hold screenings under the dome with the start at 21h (From Earth to the Universe), 22h (Dark Matter Mistery) and 23h (Cosmic Origin Spectograph). All the lectures and screenings will be in English and organized by the Novi Sad Astronomical Society, a non-profit organization, whose members are all volunteers, mostly students and professors of physics and astronomy, and the society is open for citizens for almost the entire year. Let us gleam into the deepest mysteries of the Solar system! See you at the [email protected] Planetarium Zone!