Dear friends, EXIT people…

27. April 2020. — Author: EXIT

Health and safety of our visitors, employees and volunteers, artists, partners and suppliers come first, which is why we follow the health situation on a daily basis, meaning the decision on holding or potentially postponing the festival will be made in accordance with the future official government measures.

Ever since the pandemic was declared we put all EXIT festival and our other festivals’ promotional activities on hold and instead invested all our resources and capacities into socially responsible activities, including the regional “Super Komša” campaign calling for volunteering in local communities, as well as EXIT TV program, which made quarantine easier for millions of people around the world during the past month.

Our message has been clear from the very beginning – if they can, everyone should help in their local community and volunteer, while following all safety measures declared by the official institutions. Furthermore, prominent public figures have recorded two songs urging everyone to volunteer, while the festival team also took part in volunteer activities daily.

Just like everyone else, we empathize with the current situation on all levels and look forward to a soon state of emergency ending, a chance for our lives to go back to normal, as well as being able to socialize and hug each other, while seeing each other’s smiles without face masks.

We hope to unlock our homes soon, while also unlocking the courage amongst people, so we can fully free our unity and celebrate life’s victory over all obstacles.

Yours truly,
EXIT team