Murals of Novi Sad: The best of street art

While visiting Novi Sad, make sure to check out some of the city’s murals covering various walls and buildings – and even a basketball court.

27. April 2021. — Author: EXIT

A Hero Among Us


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One of the most recent murals gracing the streets of Novi Sad represents the importance of front-line workers during the Covid-19 pandemic and is located on the corner of Kisačka and Dositejeva Street. The mural titled “To Our Heroes” shows an unnamed medical worker posing in the company od Marvel and DC superheroes and reminding us of the key role all doctors and medical staff continue to play during the pandemic.

Artist: Uroš Štrboja

The Art of Science


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If you find yourself on the Mihajlo Pupin Boulevard while walking towards the Fortress, pay close attention to the walls around you as you’ll be sure to spot a mural dedicated to the very scientist the boulevard is named after. Painted during the Days of American Culture in Novi Sad and realized by the City of Novi Sad and the USA Embassy, this mural also gives us a closer look at the most important moments in Pupin’s lifetime.

Artists: Uroš Štrboja, Marthalicia Matarrita, Dister Rondon

The Ball in Your Court

In the close vicinity of the Strand beach and EXIT camping space you’ll find an unusual basketball court. Titled “Bird Play”, this is not your typical city mural, but it’s a true work of art nonetheless. The vivid colors of the court present a perfect contrast to the grey and concrete Liman hood and will surely invite you to shoot some hoops even if you’re just passing by.

Artist: Tony Star

A Friendly Face


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Painted at the end of 2019 as a part of Novi Sad New Year’s Eve program, this mural leaves it to onlookers to interpret it as they wish. The author says it’s a portrait of an unnamed dear friend, making it even more significant to her. You’ll find the mural behind the main Post Office, in a pedestrian zone next to a couple of craft shops.

Artist: TKV

The Cat’s Out of The Bag


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Titled “When the Cat is Away…”, you may stumble upon this one while wandering the streets around the city’s main train station. Be sure to look up and you won’t miss this mural by the famous Artez, whose works of art grace buildings of many world cities. It was painted in cooperation with the European Youth Capital OPENS 2019.

Artist: Artez

Symbols United


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You’ll find the newest addition to Novi Sad’s mural collection on a side of a building in Šafarikova Street, next to the Reformed Christian Church. Signed by the Chain Reaction organization, the mural has many motives – a dog as symbol of loyalty and friendship, an apple representing health and planet Earth and a boy looking like he’s wondering what is going on around him. While you’re there, take a short walk to the Jevrejska Street where you’ll see Novi Sad Synagogue, a historic landmark built from 1906-1909.

Artists: Dejan Ivanović, Vuk Đurić

Written by: Aleksandra Gavrilović